The AngioCure™ system includes a therapeutic infusion catheter that is capable of breaking plaque and dilating stenoses, then isolating vessel segments for delivery of physician selected therapeutic drugs.  The system is designed in such a way that delivery of agents is maximized, limiting downstream loss.  Additionally, no implants are left behind; restenosis is far less likely, and later surgery remains possible.

The system may be used instead of, or in addition to, other procedures such as stenting.

The single-patient use, three-balloon catheter may be manipulated with one hand using the AngioCure™ Handpiece.  Balloons may be inflated separately or together, allowing multiple maneuvers within the vessel operative space.  If the distal and proximal balloons are inflated together, an isolated segment within the vessel is created, within which the medial (central) balloon may inflate and deflate to dilate the segment.  Between each balloon is a port on the catheter shaft that may be used to infuse drugs into the segment; the medial balloon may be inflated to create an osmotic pressure gradient that drives the drug solution across vessel wall membranes.  This is called extravasation.

The AngioSense™ console tracks and delivers information to the operators on the volume and pressure of inflation media to each balloon, and is capable of alternating pressures to compensate for the patient’s systolic and diastolic blood pressures, maximizing effective absorption of drugs.  The console may also control cyclical inflation and deflation to break up plaque. Metrical data may be entered into the patient’s chart, contributing valuable information for later review.